Turning a 26 year prison sentence into lemonade

Blessed be to Mr. Fowler, Mr. Bob Connely and Ms. Mary Ellen.  I got a Droid Razr MAXX, OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!  This is unreal man, like whoa!  I am so lucky and so blessed and all these nice people and everything and wow.  I am going to compose myself and stay on topic, but I really need to thank Mr. Fowler, the best warden on the planet, Mr. Connely and the rest of the board at Verizon Wireless and Ms. Mary Ellen for making it all come together.  I’m glad I’m typin cuz I don’t think I’d be able to speak right now.

And to keep it paid up forward, I’m gonna drop some cellular softphone knowledge on you fine folks.  Thanks for the comments everyone and thanks for showin me how to start a diary on facebook, I got some nice friends on there.  I love givin back to you guys.  Man, you go and tell me 10 years ago that white people really be this nice and I woulda spit my drink all over the place.  I tell you what I’m happy where I’m at and not gotta be up the block fratenyzin with some of the clowns up there.  Word up!

So what’s the first thing you need to do when you get a new smartphone?  Get a softphone so you don’t have to pay for cellular voice service!  Ahhhh, just playin Bob, but for real.  Roll up to Coredial, get yourself a nice extension plan, any number you like, and put some money back in your pocket!  You can even use these things on WIFI, so technically you don’t need a data plan either!  Outlined ahead, I am going to review my favorite 3 softphones that will go on your Android.

SIP Softphone Review


First up is a fine piece of software from our friends at CSipSimple.  It is pretty much a free version of Counterpath’s Bria softphone.  Not only do you get the presence feature with this, but you can have it integrate with your cell phone’s call logs too!  You ever find yourself takin more and more trips outside to hang out with the smokers since those 2 girls started workin next door?  I feel you!  Just program this to your desk extension and when someone calls and ask you if you at work or what, you can be like, ‘yo! you just called my extension right?! mind yo business, for real.’  And not only will you mind YOUR business, but you’ll be takin care of business too…wherever you want!  Just take the time to get the echo cancellation settings perfect so it sound flawless and your gonna love me!  It’s 2012 people, I’m bloggin from prison… Get yourself some ICE COLD TECHNOLOGY!!!

what is the best softphone?

The best softphone ever

Ok, number two isn’t for a smartphone, but I gotta get mine too, you know?  Don’t worry, I’ll make it up on numero 3.  This softphone is for your computer.  I recently signed on to help develop this as it is open source and I couldn’t say no. You guessed it.  Login in with your SIP account and make calls, see the availability of co-workers and/or family and this one also does VIDEO! 🙂  But, that’s not all.  Can you believe that you can login with your Gtalk, Facebook, AIM, Jabber and other chat accounts…ALL AT ONE TIME!  And it’s free.  It’s what open source is all about people!  Go get your share on!  Word up.  Edit:  Thanks to Sean Drake, I would like to point out the name of this jem!  This is Jitsi, see Sean’s post below for the address to download this amazing work.

Stay tuned for number three.  I will be posting my review on that in a few days.  Just gotta get the bugs out, ya heard!

Update!  Ok, number tres!

This smartphone, softphone application is made by 3cx.  It is very easy to configure, you don’t need a 3cx phone system to use it with your SIP account, and it’s free!  This is the Windows softphone, but the smartphone version can be found in the markets.  Again, make sure you adjust the echo cancellation settings perfectly, or just use a headset and you will be smooth sailin!  I been using it on my free razr maxx and verizon don’t know how many minutes I really be talking!  haha 🙂

Hit me up with any questions ya’ll got!

T dog out.


Comments on: "Verizon, you just love me too much!" (5)

  1. Where’s number three, man? I enjoyed reading about the first two.

  2. Sean Drake said:

    T dog… You’ve got so excited about Jitsi… that you forgot to mention it!! So here it goes, Jitsi, jitsi.org , formerly know as SIP Communicator.. and I AGREE, IT IS JUST GREAT!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Number 3 better be 3CX!

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